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Advisement Plan


Advisement Plan


Wednesday August 16                     Welcome to Advisement!

Hand out Schedules and Binder Reminders

                                                (PLEASE, have students write their names inside!!)


Thursday August 17                                                Building Integrity <Bullying Basics>

Friday August 18                                                      Self-Awareness <Dare to be Different>                             <Self Confidence>

Monday August 21                                                   Self-Management <Choose Your Response>

Tuesday August 22                                                  Social Awareness

Thursday August 24                                                Relationship Skills <Friendship, Take a Joke, Gossip, Cyberbullying>

Friday August 25                                                      Relationship Skills <Cliques, Leaders, Peer Pressure>

Monday August 28                                                  Responsible Decision Making <Be a Leader>

Tuesday August 29                                                  Review/Complete 8/28,

Introduce 7 Habits of HE Teens

Thursday August 31                                                 Habit 1 <Be Proactive>

Friday September 1                                                  Habit 2 <Begin with the End in Mind>

Tuesday September 5                                              Habit 3 <Put First Things First>

Thursday September 7                                            Habit 4 <Think Win-Win>

Friday September 8                                                  Habit 5 <Seek First to Understand, then to Be Understood>

Monday September 11 (Patriot Day)                     Habit 6 <Synergize>

Tuesday September 12                                            Habit 7 <Sharpen the Saw>