David A. Brown Middle School

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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Through a shared commitment to students, parents, and community, David A. Brown staff will foster daily attendance and active engagement in a rigorous curriculum based on Common Core Standards in which students aspire to become contributing members of our global society.
Using frequent and comprehensive assessments, DAB staff will promote growth and encourage perseverance through strategic support in a positive, inviting environment that maximizes potential for individual achievement.


Vision Statement

David A. Brown Middle School is home to a dedicated staff, which fosters a love of learning for students as they grow and achieve their academic goals. The vision statement is intended to serve as both the blueprint for improvement and benchmark by which we will evaluate our progress.
The staff at David A. Brown Middle School is committed to the following:
  • Supporting the school's mission, vision, values, and goals in attitude and action
  • Professional Learning Communities that focus on increased student achievement with instruction methods that reflect current research and proven effective classroom practices Continual reflection of teaching and learning methods
  • Establishing academic and behavioral expectations across the curriculum and at each grade level to increase overall student achievement
  • Working to create conditions that promote student success
  • Collaborating to improve student learning (instructional strategies, methods, and assessments)
  • High levels of achievement are accomplished through measurable academic standards aligned with the major instructional goals
  • A focus is placed on character development which incorporates respect, social skills, and moral integrity into academic concepts The concept of teamwork through academic and extracurricular activities
  • Encouraging colleagues and students in an atmosphere of support and respect
  • Modeling professionalism through personal integrity, commitment, and ethical behavior
  • Aligning curriculum, instruction, and assessment, with District and State Standards.